Pubs, Bars & Clubs

BarsAndNightClubsMICROS provides comprehensive restaurant point of sale systems that can be scaled to meet the needs of every type and size of restaurant, whether you operate a single restaurant or hundreds. With our modular restaurant POS systems that let you buy what you need, our restaurant point of sale software solutions are perfect for table service, fast casual, and even quick service restaurants.

Restaurant Point of Sale Software Options

Our restaurant point of sale systems can include one or more of any our POS restaurant software modules:

The most widely-used restaurant point of sale software in the industryMICROS 3700
A point-of-sale solution that offers fully-integrated tools for restaurant operations and back-office operations to increase efficiency and provide a better guest experience
A hosted point-of-sale, back office, and data warehousing application
An affordable restaurant point of sale system to manage guest checks that
Many of these POS Pub, Bar, and Club software modules can then be integrated into various Stock Control packages such as:

Materials Control
A hosted stock control, back office, and data warehousing application



micros2 200

MICROS is the only full systems solutions provider for all market segments with a global distribution and service network in place for major chains, regional chains, local independents, table service.


inVue tablet

InVue provides security solutions for the top global retailers’ high theft merchandise. Our objective is to increase the profitability of our customers by helping to increase their sales while decreasing the theft of their merchandise.

Premier Software

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Premier's software packages cover every aspect of running a spa or salon, from front desk duties to sophisticated back office management systems - be it updating client records or managing stock levels.